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Drinks calculator

Use our drinks calculator to find out how your drinking affects your health, wallet and weight.


In an average week you are drinking {{Drink}} standard Drinks. A pub measure of spirits is slightly more than 1 standard drink. Rounding up of standard drinks will apply if you entered more than 8 pub measures of spirits.

How much do you drink each week?

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There are some situations where you should avoid alcohol completely. If you are pregnant no amount of alcohol at any stage of pregnancy is safe for your baby. For more information visit:

How many alcoholic drinks do you have per week?















Standard Drinks

Standard Drink


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You are over the recommended weekly low-risk alcohol guidelines and are putting yourself at risk of harm. Read more about weekly low-risk alcohol guidelines

You are under the recommended weekly low-risk alcohol guidelines. Low-risk drinking reduces the risk of alcohol-related problems. Read more about weekly low-risk alcohol guidelines


In a year you could {{whatToBuyImage.Text}}

What to Buy


Yearly savings
Monthly savings
Weekly savings


Your drinking equals to {{calories}} calories

Teaspoons of sugar
Kilometres @ 4km/h

Get help

Find alcohol treatment and support services in Ireland

* This drinks calculator is based on a number of assumptions and estimates to give an indication of alcohol consumption based on the information provided.

Nutritional Information taken from The Composition of Foods, Sixth Summary edition. Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry. The calorie estimate does not take into account any other drinks mixed with the alcoholic drink.