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Every child gets free health and development checks between the ages of 0 to 5. This is to make sure they are healthy and developing normally.

From birth until the age of 5, your child will have an average of 15 checks with a healthcare professional like your public health nurse (PHN), GP practice nurse and GP.

Your PHN will visit you at home after the birth. Other checks might take place at home or at your local health centre. These will be with your PHN or a community health doctor.

Your baby will also visit the GP at 2 weeks and 6 weeks of age.

The visits and health checks are an opportunity for you to talk about how you are getting on. You can ask any questions or talk about any concerns you have about yourself or your baby. They are free of charge and provided by the HSE.

Your child will also get vaccines to keep them safe from disease. These are also free.

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Every child under the age of 6 can get a GP visit card. This includes free visits to the GP. The GP visit card also includes free assessments at age 2 and 5 for children with asthma.

The GP visit card includes health checks for your child at 2 and 5. Children with asthma can have regular check-ups with the GP and practice nurse.

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You will get reminders about your child's next check. If you have changed your address, please tell your local health centre.

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