Child health checks 1 to 2 years

Your child will get more vaccines and another developmental check between 1 and 2 years.

13 months

Go to your GP or GP practice nurse for your baby's fifth round of vaccines.


Your child's vaccines

21 to 24 month developmental check

At this check your PHN will talk to you about your child's development and any concerns with you. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help the PHN to assess if your child is developing normally.

They will also check your child's general health. This includes:

  • dental health
  • general physical examination
  • growth monitoring

Your PHN also measures your child’s growth. They check the measurement to make sure that your child is growing at a healthy rate.

The PHN will talk to you about child safety. They will also discuss your child's diet, toilet training and any other issues you may wish to discuss.

If you or your PHN are concerned about any part of your child’s check, then they may check them again to see if everything is okay. The PHN may refer your child to a specialist if they think something needs further investigation.

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