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Use recognised unplanned pregnancy counselling agencies

People seeking counselling should call the My Options helpline on 1800 828 010 for advice on where to go for support.

You should only visit a recognised or HSE-funded unplanned pregnancy counselling agency.

See a list of HSE-funded unplanned pregnancy counselling agencies.


Each of the counselling agencies listed here has a dedicated staff member to investigate any complaints.

If you are not happy with the service you receive from one of the agencies listed, please contact us at

Not all agencies are reliable. Some may not share all your options with you. They may not be upfront with you about their intention.

If you suspect the service you have attended has a hidden agenda, leave the session immediately.

Report the agency to the Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.

Call the My Options freephone line

If you need to, call the My Options helpline on 1800 828 010 to find a new counsellor.

page last reviewed: 19/12/2018
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Call the My Options freephone line

We're here to support you.


1800 828 010