Getting treatment

If we approve your application you must provide confirmation of every appointment that you are due to attend. This is to allow the issue of the E112 form to cover the cost of your visit.

The amount we can cover varies depending on the country where you get treatment and the treatment that you need. You can ask the hospital abroad how much you will need to pay.

If you fail to produce the E112 form at your appointment abroad, you might have to pay for your hospital visit, unnecessarily. In this case, these costs will not be refunded by TAS.

Travel expenses

The Treatment Abroad Scheme does not cover travel or subsistence expenses for you or your relatives.

But we may provide assistance towards reasonable economic air or sea travel fares for you and a travelling companion where appropriate.

If the patient is under 18 or needs assistance when travelling for medical reasons, we will consider providing travel expenses once their application is approved.

Travel Policy for Treatment Abroad Scheme applicants E112 (PDF, 146KB, 2 pages)

Extra treatment

If your application is approved, it is only for the medical treatment included in your application. This is the treatment your consultant has referred you for.

Requests for additional treatments, examinations or consultations which may arise while visiting the foreign facility will not be covered by the HSE. Any additional costs will be your responsibility.

You will need to submit a new application form for any follow-on visits for treatment abroad.

After treatment

The facility treating you abroad will send a full medical report and care plan to your consultant in Ireland. Your treatment will then continue back in Ireland.

Once you are discharged from your TAS approved treatment abroad, your care immediately reverts back to your consultant in Ireland.

Further treatment

Your consultant in Ireland will decide if you need further treatment abroad. If they decide that you do, you will need to make a new application.

Page last reviewed: 24 October 2018
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