About the scheme

As a public patient, you can apply for the Treatment Abroad Scheme (TAS) to cover the cost of treatment in another country in the European Union, European Economic Area  or Switzerland.

All treatment requested must be within Irish law and either:

  • not available in Ireland, or
  • not available within the time normally necessary to get it in Ireland - this will take into account your current health and the likely course of your condition or disease

The amount we can cover varies depending on the country where you get treatment and the treatment that you need. You can ask the hospital abroad how much you will need to pay.


Only a public hospital consultant based in Ireland can refer you for treatment abroad. A GP can not refer you for this scheme. You can not refer yourself either.

You can only apply for the Treatment Abroad Scheme if you are ordinarily resident in Ireland.

‘Ordinarily resident’ means that you are living here and intend to live here for at least one year.

We will need to assess and approve your application before you travel for treatment.

Your consultant must confirm to us that you need treatment abroad. They must also confirm that the treatment is:

  • medically necessary and will meet your needs
  • a proven form of medical treatment, not an experimental or test treatment
  • in a recognised public hospital or other institution run by a registered medical practitioner
  • in a hospital that will accept the Treatment Abroad Scheme form 'EU/EEA form E112 (IE)'

The Treatment Abroad Scheme (TAS), is governed by the EU in accordance with the Department of Health and Children Guidelines.

Treatment Abroad application form E112 (PDF, 218KB, 10 pages)

Page last reviewed: 8 November 2018
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