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Contact and appeals


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Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme,
St Canice's Hospital,
Dublin Road,
Co. Kilkenny

Tel: 056 778 4546

Email: crossborderdirective@hse.ie

Information about prior notification

If you want to ask about prior notification, call 056 778 4547.

Checking the status of your NIPHS application

If you've already applied for repayment, you can ask for an update by telephone.

Surnames beginning with:

Email: crossborderdirective@hse.ie

Appealing a decision on NIPHS

If your NIPHS application is refused, you can appeal that decision by writing to the:

Assistant National Director,
Commercial Unit of the Acute Hospitals Division,
Kilcreene Office Complex,
Co. Kilkenny

Page last reviewed: 25 January 2022