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After you apply for a medical card

What happens after you submit your medical card or GP card application? Find out more.

Your reference number

If you gave a mobile number with your application, we will have sent a reference number by text.

If you didn't give a mobile number, we will have sent you a reference number by post.

If you did not receive your reference number, contact us.

We process completed medical card applications within 15 days.

If we don't have all the information we need, we will write to you and let you know what is missing. This will delay the processing of your application.

Unsuccessful applications

We will inform you, in writing, if you do not qualify for a medical card or a GP visit card.

This will include:

  • a statement of the means assessment on your application
  • the outcome of any discretionary consideration
  • details of how to request a reassessment and how to appeal the decision

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