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Approved medications

If you need a medical or surgical appliance, for example an insulin pump, you will get it from your local health office. 

Consumable appliances are supplied through your community pharmacy. For example, syringes, needles and diagnostic strips.

You may need medication or equipment that is not on the approved lists. If so, your community pharmacists can apply to us to get it under the scheme.

List of approved medications
ConditionList of medicationCore list
Acute leukaemiaList N - Jan 2019Core List N - Jan 2019
Cerebral palsyList C - Jan 2019Core List C - Jan 2019
Cystic fibrosisList L - Jan 2019Core List L - Jan 2019
Diabetes insipidusList G - Jan 2019Core List G - Jan 2019
Diabetes mellitus (does not include Gestational Diabetes)List F - Jan 2019Core List F - Jan 2019
EpilepsyList H - Jan 2019Core List H - Jan 2019
HaemophiliaList E - Jan 2019Core List E - Jan 2019
HydrocephalusList B - Jan 2019Core List B - Jan 2019
Intellectual disabilityList A - Jan 2019Core List A - Jan 2019
Mental Illness - under the age of 16 yearsList P - Jan 2019Core List P - Jan 2019
Muscular dystrophyList D - Jan 2019Core List D - Jan 2019
Multiple sclerosisList J - Jan 2019Core List J - Jan 2019
ParkinsonismList K - Jan 2019Core List K - Jan 2019
Phenylketonuria (PKU)List M - Jan 2019Core List M - Jan 2019
Spina bifidaList Q - Jan 2019Core List Q - Jan 2019
Thalidomide – conditions arising from the use of this drug   List R - Jan 2019Core List R - Jan 2019

page last reviewed: 30/10/2018
next review due: 30/10/2021