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Scams or attempted fraud related to the HSE

Scams and attempted fraud are very common. There is no evidence that any scams have taken place as a result of the cyber attack on the HSE. But we have received a small number of reports about scams from people claiming to be from the HSE.

The HSE will never ask for your bank details by phone or email. Be careful when anyone contacts you saying that they have your PPS number. Contact your local Garda station if you need to report a crime.

Phone calls

Be careful of suspicious phone calls.


do not talk with the caller, hang up

do not give any personal details

do not give your bank account details or card information

do not call the same number back after hanging up

do not call back a number you don't recognise - a genuine caller will call you back or leave a voicemail


check the number on the HSE website and call them back if you think the call may be genuine

save the phone numbers of people you know

Texts or emails

Be careful of texts or emails that ask for personal details or ask you to click a link. The HSE does send text messages with links in for appointments or additional information.

If you are unsure about a text message or a phone call from the HSE or other health or social care service, call the health service that sent you the text to check if it is genuine, or call HSELive on 1800 700 700.


do not click on any suspicious links in emails or text messages.

do not share content from untrusted sources on social media or messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Facebook. This can create fear among people. Read about fake health information during the COVID-19 pandemic


if you think you have received a suspicious email or text message, take a screenshot so you have a record of it

report the phone number or email address to the Gardaí

change your online passwords to secure passwords. Keep your passwords private

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page last reviewed: 28/05/2021
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