Clonskeagh Vaccination Centre

Boole House, Beech Hill Business Campus, Clonskeagh, Dublin, D04 A563

Map and directions For Clonskeagh Vaccination Centre

Walk-in clinic schedule

People aged 12 and older

  • Monday 5 June, 9am to 7pm
  • Tuesday 6 June, 8am to 7pm
  • Wednesday 7 June, 8am to 7pm
  • Sunday 11 June, 8am to 7pm

Children aged 5 to 11 (dose 1 and dose 2 only)

  • Sunday 11 June, 5pm to 5.30pm

Children aged 6 months to 4

  • Monday 5 June, 9am to 11am
  • Sunday 11 June, 9am to 11.30am

If you can’t find a walk-in clinic that suits you, find out how to book an appointment at a vaccination centre or find a pharmacy giving COVID-19 vaccines.

How it works

Get dose 1, dose 2, dose 3 or a booster dose at a walk-in clinic.

Dose 3 is for children age 6 months to 4 years only.

People under 16 must attend with a parent or legal guardian.

You will not be vaccinated if you have not waited the recommended time:

  • since your last vaccine
  • if you had COVID-19 recently

Find out about going to a walk-in clinic, including what to bring and how long to wait between vaccines

Find out who can get a booster dose now


On site parking.

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