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Adoption is a process where you give legal consent for your child to become part of another family on a permanent basis.

If you’re considering adoption, an unplanned pregnancy counsellor can discuss this with you.

You may consider and decide on adoption at any stage during the pregnancy. You do not need to make a final decision until after the birth of the baby.

Adoption social workers - Tusla Adoption Service

If you are considering putting your child up for adoption, a counsellor or GP can put you in contact with your local Tusla Adoption Service. For more information visit the Tusla website or call 01 635 2854.

The adoption social worker will explore with you:

  • your reasons for choosing adoption
  • the effect your decision will have on you and your child
  • your wishes for the baby’s future family

They will support you through the process of matching your baby and an adoptive family. They will continue to support you until the adoption order is made.

You should discuss with your social worker what supports are available to you after the order is made.

Tusla - Child and Family Agency

After the birth

After the birth, you will be encouraged to care for your baby in the hospital. You will then take the baby home for a while or place the baby in temporary foster care. Tusla will support you to do this.

This will to give you time to keep in contact with your baby and to decide what you want to do. If you decide to go ahead with the adoption, the social worker will help you to complete all the necessary legal forms and to select a family.

The baby will then be placed with the adoptive family. After at least 3 months, the family will apply to formally adopt your baby. You will sign the final consent at this time.

Adoption orders

The adoption order is the legal document that makes the child part of their adoptive family.

It’s normally granted after the baby has been with the adoptive family for at least 6 months. Social workers will visit the baby in the adoptive home to ensure that the baby is being well cared for. They will ensure that the adoptive parents and the baby are bonding.

You can change your mind at any time until the final adoption order is made.

Consent from both parents

Where the father is not the legal guardian of the child, he must be told of the decision to place the child for adoption. If he is not happy with this decision, he must apply to become the legal guardian.

With a married couple, both parents must give consent to put the child for adoption.

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