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Safety and quality of care dashboard

We publish a dashboard that looks at safety and quality of care in hospitals in relation to serious incidents, infection control, outbreaks and readmissions.

The safety and quality of care dashboard uses data we gather for our management data reports.

The data is preliminary data. It may change in the future, after we validate it. But it is a good indicator of activity based on the latest information we have.

View the dashboard

How we use this data

We use this report to:

  • monitor safety and quality of care activity against key performance indicators (KPI)
  • update the Department of Health on safety and quality of care activity

The safety and quality of care dashboard is published before the management data reports. It allows us to share data much quicker than before.

How to read the dashboard

The dashboard shows an overview of the national performance based KPIs.

Each KPI is grouped by:

  • surgery
  • medical
  • length of stay
  • healthcare associated infections

Data reporting columns

The dashboard includes data entry points for:

  • target
  • year to date (YTD)
  • previous

Each KPI also includes data entry points on:

  • value
  • variance
  • values by hospital group
  • value comparison
  • KPI trend
  • reporting frequency