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Using HSE fertility services

The HSE has free fertility tests and treatment to help you get pregnant.

You'll usually have these at 1 of our regional fertility hubs.

Regional fertility hub locations


  • Cork University Maternity Hospital


  • Coombe Hospital
  • National Maternity Hospital
  • Rotunda Hospital


  • Galway University Hospital


  • Nenagh Hospital

How to get tests or treatment

Your GP or a consultant will usually refer you to a regional fertility hub if you have either:

  • problems getting pregnant
  • a health problem that affects fertility

When to go to your GP about fertility problems

You must also:

  • be age 42 or under for women or age 59 or under for men
  • have a BMI of 18.5 to 35 for women

You have to meet different access criteria if you need IVF or artificial insemination.

Free fertility treatment through a regional fertility hub is not means tested - you will not be asked details about your income.

What to expect at a regional fertility hub

If your GP does not refer you

Your GP or consultant cannot refer you to a regional fertility hub if you do not meet the referral criteria.

But they can talk to you about your options.

You may be able to get tests or treatment privately. You will have to pay for these.

If your GP does not refer you and you think you meet the criteria, it's ok to go to another GP to get a second opinion.

Waiting times

It may take 3 months to be seen by a specialist in a regional fertility hub. This is from when your GP or consultant refers you.

Costs you may have to pay

Fertility tests, appointments and treatment through a regional fertility hub are free of charge once you are referred. You will not have to pay.

But you may have to pay for some things outside of the fertility hub.

You may need to pay for:

  • any medicine you are prescribed
  • your GP visit
  • any tests your GP does

If you are getting tests or treatment privately you will have to pay for these.

Tax relief and refunds

You can claim tax relief on GP, doctors, consultants and IVF costs as part of the tax relief on medical expenses scheme.

If you are registered for the Drugs Payment Scheme, the cost for some medicines may be capped at €80 or you may be able to claim a refund.

Tax relief on medical expenses -

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