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Coping with visitors after your baby's birth

You may be excited to show off your newborn baby. Your family and friends may also want to share in your joy.

It's important to keep in touch, but you will also need time to rest and get to know your baby.

It's okay to limit visitors to your home.

Making visits stress-free

Having visitors can be nice. It can also be overwhelming. Spread out your guests over the coming days or weeks.

Set boundaries so visits are stress-free and work for you. Ask people to text you and check when it's okay to visit. You might need to say this gently to family and friends.

Small groups

Large groups can be overwhelming. Ask people to come in smaller groups, if you would prefer that.

It's okay to say "I have a lot of visitors this Monday, would you like to call on Wednesday instead? It would be great to see you and we can have a good chat then."

Ask for help

Ask for and accept help with routine shopping or housework.

Many visitors want to cuddle the baby. Take the opportunity to have a shower or to drink a cup of tea.

It's okay to ask for help. People are generally delighted to be able to help or do something useful. Be specific in asking for help. For example, "could you collect nappies on the way over" or "would you mind the baby while I shower?"

Do not aim for perfection

Do not try to keep the perfect home. A messy home can be common when you have a baby or young children.

Have comfy clean clothes on standby. This will help you feel better about yourself even if you have not had time to shower.

When you might not want to have a visitor

If there is someone who you feel might stay too long, consider meeting them for a coffee in a cafe or visit them when you feel up to it.

Ask people who have a cold or feel unwell not to visit until they feel better.

Visitors and COVID-19

It is important to make sure that visitors to your home do not have symptoms of COVID-19. This is so you can protect yourself and your baby from infection.

Protecting yourself and others from COVID-19

COVID-19 and pregnancy

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