Going private

Private care is available in all maternity hospitals in Ireland. You’ll have a particular obstetrician that will provide your care throughout your pregnancy and during your birth. You’ll see your obstetrician at each antenatal visit - if they’re on leave you’ll see a different obstetrician.

During the birth

During the birth of your baby, midwives will care for you and support you - the obstetrician will also be there to provide you with any extra medical support you might need. If your obstetrician is unavailable when you are giving birth, your care will usually be provided by a different obstetrician.

After the birth

After the birth, you’ll recover in a private room if available. If a private room is unavailable, you may stay in a semi-private room or a public ward.

Your own postnatal check 6 weeks after the birth may be done your obstetrician or your GP. Your baby's 2 week and 6 week checks after birth will be done by your GP.


If you choose private care, you’ll usually need to pay a consultant's fee as well as a hospital fee. Your private insurance will cover most of the hospital fee, but may not cover the consultant's fee.

It’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider about your level of cover before booking your antenatal care because you’ll be charged for any additional fees that are not covered by insurance. Each obstetrician's private secretary will be able to discuss the individual consultant's fee with you.

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