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Prevention - Tennis elbow

Preventing tennis elbow can be difficult.

Not putting a strain on the muscles in your forearm will help you to avoid the condition or stop your symptoms from getting worse.

Preventing tennis elbow from developing or coming back

To stop tennis elbow from developing or coming back you can:

  • stop the activity that is causing pain
  • find another way of doing the activity so that it does not cause pain or stress
  • avoid using your wrist and elbow more than the rest of your arm
  • get coaching to help you improve your technique if you play a sport that involves repetitive movements
  • warm up and stretch your arm muscles before playing a sport that involves repetitive arm movements
  • use lightweight tools or racquets and make their grip size bigger - this is to avoid putting extra strain on your tendons
  • wear a brace or splint when you're using your arm to stop further damage to your tendons.
  • increase the strength of your forearm muscles - a GP or physiotherapist can tell you about exercises to build up those muscles

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