Symptoms will usually develop after week 6. In some cases, this could be the same time you notice you have missed a period. You may not even be aware you are pregnant.

You may not experience any signs of an ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms include:

See your GP or contact your maternity hospital urgently if you have any of these symptoms, particularly bleeding from your vagina or pain in your tummy.


Shoulder pain can be a sign you have internal bleeding. Go to your GP or an emergency department immediately if you experience this.

When to get emergency help

Immediate action required: Go to the emergency department of your nearest maternity hospital or call 999 or 112 if you are pregnant or could be pregnant and experience:

  • severe, sudden or sharp pain in your tummy
  • collapsing, or feeling very dizzy or faint
  • feeling unwell or pale, cold and clammy
  • These symptoms could be a sign that you have internal bleeding or your fallopian tube has burst.
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