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Prevention - Contact dermatitis

To prevent contact dermatitis, avoid contact with the substances that cause your symptoms. If you cannot avoid contact, you can take steps to reduce the risk of the substances causing symptoms.

How to prevent contact dermatitis

Clean your skin if you come into contact with an allergen or irritant. Rinse the affected skin with warm water and an emollient as soon as possible.

Use gloves to protect your hands. Take the gloves off now and again because sweating can make any symptoms worse. You can wear cotton gloves underneath rubber gloves if rubber irritates your skin.

Use a different product. Check the ingredients on make-up or soap to make sure it does not contain any irritants or allergens. You may need to contact the manufacturer or check online to get this information.

Use emollients often and in large amounts. These keep your skin hydrated and help protect it from allergens and irritants. You can also use emollient soap substitutes. Regular bar or liquid soaps can dry out your skin.

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