Report a concern about a vulnerable adult in a HSE funded care service to the confidential recipient - Complaints and feedback

You may want to report a concern about a vulnerable adult in the care of the HSE or a HSE funded agency.

You can do this through the Office of the Confidential Recipient.

You can also report the concern directly to the HSE through the Your service your say complaints process.

The confidential recipient

The confidential recipient is a person who can act as a voice for vulnerable older people and people with a disability.

The confidential recipient is appointed by the HSE but is independent of the HSE.

The confidential recipient will:

  • listen to you and give you advice about your concern
  • send your concern to the right place
  • make sure the HSE or a funded agency look into your concern within 15 days and in the right way

The confidential recipient can keep your identity anonymous. If you want them to do this, let them know.

Who can report a concern

Anyone can use the service to report a concern or make a complaint if you are:

  • concerned about an adult with a disability or an older person in a HSE funded residential care service, day service or home support service
  • a resident in one of these services and you need confidential help and advice

A vulnerable adult is someone with limited ability to guard themselves against harm. This may be a result of physical, mental, sensory or intellectual impairment.

Types of concern

The confidential recipient deals with the following concerns:

  • Abuse
  • Negligence
  • Mistreatment
  • Poor care practices

If you want to report a concern about a vulnerable person in a private service, contact the service directly.

How to report a concern

To report a concern to the confidential recipient, contact:

The Office of the Confidential Recipient,
Training Services Centre,

Phone: 087 188 0523 (office) or 087 665 7269 (confidential recipient)
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Non-emergency or out of hours concerns

Leave a message or send an email.

The confidential recipient does not report concerns to the Gardaí. 


If you think someone's immediate safety is in danger, call the Gardaí on 112 or 999.

After you raise a concern

The confidential recipient will examine your concern and decide if it needs investigation. 

The steps in an investigation are:

  1. The concern is sent to the confidential recipient.
  2. The confidential recipient sends the concern to the relevant chief officer. The chief officer has 15 working days to respond (solving the issue may take longer).
  3. If the chief officer cannot resolve the concern, or if the concern is about a hospital, it will be passed to a national director.
  4. If the concern cannot be resolved by a national director, it will be referred to higher management until it is resolved.
  5. When you are satisfied that your concern has been dealt with, the investigation is closed.