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Parenting courses

You could take a parenting course if you want to:

  • improve your relationship and communication with your child
  • build your child's confidence
  • find ways to handle any behaviour issues or difficulties your child may have

How to find a parenting course

Your GP or public health nurse can refer you to a parenting course.

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth also has a list of parenting courses.

Parenting courses -

Alternatives to courses

Your local library may have a section on parenting. There are many books, DVDs, podcasts and websites that can give you parenting tips.

How to choose a parenting course

Check that the course and teaching staff are accredited. Most courses have their accreditation details on their websites.

Accreditation means that the course has been independently recognised that it meets the correct requirements and standards

What you can expect

Parenting courses are generally designed to be relevant for the age of your child.

Courses can be delivered as single sessions, or they may meet once a week for a number of weeks.

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