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What happens at a breastfeeding support group

Breastfeeding support groups take place all around Ireland.

You may find breastfeeding support groups helpful if you're:

  • pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding
  • new to breastfeeding and have questions
  • having problems breastfeeding and need advice
  • breastfeeding and want to meet like-minded mothers

At breastfeeding support groups, mothers at the same stage as you share advice and socialise. There are also opportunities to speak with a breastfeeding expert about any questions you have.

Find your local breastfeeding support group


Some maternity units provide specialist lactation support groups for up to 6 weeks after delivery.

Online breastfeeding support groups

Online breastfeeding support groups are offered by voluntary organisations charities such as:

Getting breastfeeding off to a good start

Watch a video on what happens at a breastfeeding support group

Cuidiú breastfeeding counsellor Regina Keogh describes what happens at her local breastfeeding support group in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Watch a video from a participant at a breastfeeding support class

Catherine talks about how she got breastfeeding support while pregnant.

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