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Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Common pregnancy symptoms include:

  • missed period - some pregnant women may have a small bleed in early pregnancy, lighter than a period
  • morning sickness - feeling sick or vomiting - this can happen at any time of the day
  • heightened sense of smell - cooking or smoke smells may make you feel sick
  • food cravings - if you have a craving for a non-food item, talk to your doctor or midwife
  • food aversions - when you may reject a food that you used to enjoy
  • tender or swollen breasts - veins in your breasts may be more visible, and your nipples may turn a darker colour
  • extreme tiredness
  • urinating (peeing) more often
  • normal vaginal discharge may change - the colour, thickness or amount

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Pregnancy tests

Taking a test is the best way to know if you're pregnant.

You can buy a test in many pharmacies and supermarkets.

You could also get a test at your GP or local family planning clinic. You may have to pay a fee if you don't have a medical card.

Free pregnancy testing is available from:

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