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After you receive funding

If you receive Fair Deal funding, you can request a review of your financial assessment. You also need to tell us of any change in circumstances.

Get a review

You can request another financial review 12 months after your last review. But we can review a financial assessment at any stage.

If your care needs assessment finds you do not need long-term care, you can apply for a review.

You can do this 6 months after the assessment, or earlier if:

  • we feel that there has been a material change in your health or circumstances
  • there has been a change in a person's health or circumstance after the care needs assessment.

If the 3-year cap has been approved on a farm or business we will carry out a review of your family successor.

Changes in circumstances

You must tell us if you or your partner’s circumstances change.

Changes in circumstances include:

  • the death of partner/spouse
  • an increase in income for you or your spouse/partner
  • an increase in dividends from shares
  • any extra rental income or rental of your home or properties
  • the sale of asset
  • the legal settlement/receipt of compensation
  • an increase in cash assets
  • an addition to relevant assets such as an inheritance or beneficiary in a Will
  • legal separation
  • your family successor is unable to meet the 3 year cap commitments

You can be fined if you don't inform your Local Nursing Home Support Office of changes in circumstances within 10 working days.

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