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Inpatient waiting lists

See the number of people on inpatient waiting lists and how long they are waiting. You can view lists by hospital and specialty.

Inpatient care is when you stay in hospital overnight for care or treatment.

Specialties explained


Treats and diagnoses conditions related to the heart and blood vessels.


Treats and diagnoses conditions related to the skin, hair and nails.


Treats and diagnoses conditions related to the digestive system.

Gastrointestinal surgery

Surgery to treat conditions related to the digestive system.

General medicine

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions. These include breathing problems, asthma, COPD, and infectious diseases, among others.

General surgery

Surgeries include colorectal surgery, upper gastrointestinal surgery, breast and endocrine surgery, and hepatobiliary and transplant surgery.

Geriatric medicine

Treats and diagnoses of conditions that affect older people.


Treats, screens and diagnoses conditions related to the female reproductive system, organs and health.

Hepatobiliary surgery

Surgery to treat cancer and diseases of the liver, pancreas, bile duct and gallbladder.

Maxillo facial

Surgical care of the mouth, jaws, skull, face, head and neck.


Treats and diagnoses eye conditions.


Treatment and diagnosis of conditions related to bones, including hip, ankle and knee replacement, spinal and shoulder surgery.


Treatment and diagnosis of conditions related to the ears, nose and throat (ENT), head and neck, including head and neck cancers.

Paediatric gastroenterology

Treatment, diagnosis and management of conditions related to a child's digestive system.

Paediatric surgery

Surgery of newborn babies, children and young adults.


Medical and surgical care for children age 1 to 18.

Pain relief

Care to patients suffering from conditions that cause chronic and acute pain.

Plastic surgery

Surgery to reshape or rebuild a part of your body.

Respiratory medicine

Treatment and management of breathing-related difficulties and lung conditions.


Treatment and diagnosis of conditions and cancers that affect the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

Wait time Patients
0 to 3 months 8326
3 to 6 months 4596
6 to 9 months 3143
9 to 12 months 2004
12 to 15 months 1239
15 to 18 months 743
18+ months 2924

Data provided by:
The National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF)

We update this data on the third Friday of every month.

About inpatient waiting lists

This data shows the number of public patients waiting on their first inpatient appointment.

It only shows the number of people waiting for a date for their appointment. It does not include people who have an appointment.

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