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Getting pregnant

HSE article for Getting pregnant

Vaccines you need before you get pregnant

Find out what vaccinations you should be up-to-date with if you're planning to get pregnant and why this is important for you and your baby's health

How to improve your chances of getting pregnant

Advice on when you are more likely to get pregnant, what to eat, your lifestyle choices and other advice to help you to get pregnant.

Pregnancy due date calculator

Get a rough idea of when your baby might arrive based on your menstrual cycle

  • Age and trying for a baby

    Age can affect your chances of getting pregnant if you are trying to have a baby. Read about fertility, the risk of complications, and when to get help.

  • Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

    A missed period or morning sickness are among the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Taking a pregnancy test is the best way to know if you're pregnant.

  • Sex when trying to get pregnant

    When and how often to have sex if you want to get pregnant, and when to speak to your GP.

  • Pregnancy tests

    Find out why you should wait until the day after your missed period before taking a pregnancy test and how to make sure you get accurate results

  • What to eat when trying to get pregnant

    Healthy eating before becoming pregnant will help you adjust faster to the changes pregnancy brings.

  • Coming off contraception to get pregnant

    Find out how the type of birth control you use will affect the time it takes for fertility to return to normal and what to think about before stopping contraception.

  • Fertility problems and treatments

    Fertility problems can affect men and women. They are sometimes called infertility. Find out what causes fertility problems and what treatments are available