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CODE stands for Community Orientated Diabetes Education. It's a free course for people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. The course is provided by Diabetes Ireland.

CODE courses will help you manage the changes that type 2 diabetes brings to your life. They offer the opportunity to meet and share experiences with others

CODE runs over 3 weeks during 2 hour sessions. You will be contacted around week 10 to see how you are doing. You will be invited to attend another session after 4 to 6 months.

CODE course

A group of 10 to 16 people are invited to attend the CODE course. This is a good opportunity for you to meet other people with type 2 diabetes. A family member, carer or friend is also welcome to book a place and attend with you for support.

Book your free place on a CODE course

When you attend the course you will:

  • get up-to-date information on type 2 diabetes
  • learn practical skills to help you manage your diabetes
  • discuss things that affect diabetes treatment such as food choices, being active, managing weight, medicines, smoking, alcohol, check-ups, eye care, foot care and more
  • gain helpful skills and confidence in how to manage your diabetes well.

People who have attended the CODE course have found it of benefit to them:

‘Diabetes is all new to me…. This group is a great help… everyone understands’

‘I was worried about my diabetes but I know what to do now’

What you will learn during each session

Session 1

  • Your story - how long you have had diabetes, medicines you are taking and what you would like to get out of the course
  • Explanation of types of diabetes, risk factors, signs and symptoms
  • What are normal glucose levels and understanding hypo and hyperglycaemia
  • Treatment for diabetes

Session 2

  • Physical activity - benefits, barriers and recommendations
  • Understanding healthy eating including alcohol, salt, sweeteners and answering dietary queries
  • Understanding carbohydrates and how portions affect glucose levels

Session 3

  • Understanding the health problems of untreated diabetes and how to prevent them
  • Changing behaviours and setting goals
  • Annual review and what good diabetes care involves

Week 10 phone call

At week 10 your dietitian or nurse will phone you. During this call you can discuss any queries you might have after session 3 and review the goals you set for yourself.

4 to 6 month session

During this session, we will review achievements and your personal goals. The session will also cover:

  • feedback on personal progress
  • review of foot care, diet, physical activity and annual review
  • review of blood results and measurements
  • entitlements, employment, travel insurance and any outstanding queries

Other topics can be covered too. This session is flexible, so it can cover whatever the group needs.

You are welcome to bring a family member, carer or friend to support you. Just book a place for them.

Book your free place on a CODE course

Page last reviewed: 1 August 2020
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This project has received funding from the Government of Ireland’s Sláintecare Integration Fund 2019 under Grant Agreement Number 9.