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Get support for type 1 diabetes

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is not easy. It can take time to adjust and it can affect how you feel.

Friends and family can help

Telling people you have diabetes can be hard, but it will help them understand what you're going through.

Friends, family and colleagues can give you support and encouragement when you have just been diagnosed or you're struggling to manage it.

Speak to others with type 1 diabetes

You can get to know others with type 1 diabetes through support groups and events.

There are many people with type 1 diabetes offering support and sharing their stories on forums, social media and in group meetings.

You do not have to talk to others in online groups, but it can be helpful to look. Comments on social media are often based on personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice.

You can find in-person and online type 1 diabetes support groups on the Thriveabetes website.

Diabetes support groups -

Get psychological help

Managing type 1 diabetes can be hard.

Constantly trying to manage your diabetes can lead to feeling burnt out. If you're feeling low and struggling to cope, you may be able to get psychological help.

If you do not have a psychologist on your diabetes team, ask your GP what is available locally.

If you have a medical card you can get free counselling sessions from the HSE's Counselling in Primary Care service (CIPC).

Or you might be able to refer yourself to a psychologist privately.

Mental health support and advice

Stress control course

You can complete a free online stress control course. This may help you boost your wellbeing and learn skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Free online stress control courses -

Minding Your Wellbeing Programme

Minding your Wellbeing is a series of 5 videos developed by HSE Health and Wellbeing. It is for people to learn more about mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience.

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