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Labour and birth - Gestational diabetes

Most women with controlled gestational diabetes can complete a full-term pregnancy and have a normal birth with no complications.

If there are complications with your health or your baby in the womb, labour may be induced or started early (using drugs or other means).

The majority of women with gestational diabetes can have a vaginal birth, but are more likely to have a caesarean birth than women without gestational diabetes.

You may need a planned caesarean section if your baby is too big. The following things will be considered:

  • the size and condition of your baby on a scan
  • any previous births you have had
  • your current blood glucose readings and treatment

You should discuss the benefits and risks of a caesarean with your obstetrician and the healthcare team looking after you.

Page last reviewed: 5 July 2023
Next review due: 5 July 2026