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Adding other items into your baby's bottle

Adding foods to your baby's bottle can:

  • cause damage to their teeth, even if they do not have teeth yet
  • lead to them gaining too much weight


  • do not give anything to your baby other than breast milk or infant formula until they are at least 17 weeks old - and ideally closer to 26 weeks

  • do not add sugar, rusks or baby rice to your baby’s bottle

  • do not add any medicines to your baby’s bottle

Other drinks

If your baby is formula fed, you can give them cooled boiled water.

Do not give your baby any fruit juice. This includes pure, diluted and unsweetened juices.

Fruit juice can damage their teeth even before they have fully emerged. It can also give them a 'sweet tooth' and a preference for sweetened drinks.

Do not give your baby tea. Tea will reduce your baby’s iron intake.

Cups and beakers after 6 months

From about 6 months, plan to gradually introduce a cup or free-flow beaker for drinks.

Aim to replace all bottles (if using) with a cup or free-flow beaker by the time your baby is about 1 year old.


Page last reviewed: 14 November 2022
Next review due: 14 November 2025