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Child safety

HSE article for Child safety

First aid kit for babies and children

Children can be prone to accidents in the home. Most aren't serious, but it is worth keeping a first aid kit to will help deal with minor accidents and injuries. Learn about what you should have in your kit keep your child safe.

Burns and scalds

Find out how to treat burns and scald injuries for your baby and child, what risks you should be aware of, and how you can take steps to reduce the risk

Cuts and bleeding in children

Find out how to treat a baby or child’s cuts, how to step bleeding and when you should get medical advice from a GP or emergency department for your baby or child

  • Keeping your child safe while driving

    What to do if your child gets out of their car seat, how often to take breaks on long journeys, why you should never leave a child alone in a vehicle, and dangers to be aware of when driving and in driveways.

  • How to child-proof your home

    Looking for risks around the home and making changes to protect your children

  • Baby walkers, baby bouncers and baby chairs

    The safe use of baby activity equipment and why you should not use baby walkers

  • Keeping your child safe from fire at home

    Find out how you can be prepared in the event that there is a fire in your home and how you can protect your baby or child

  • Sun safety for babies and children

    Making sure children are kept safe in the sun and heat. What kind of suncream to apply and how often.

  • Car seats and child safety in cars

    Find out how to choose a car seat for your baby or child, the importance of fitting child car seats correctly and why you need to be careful about second-hand child car seats

  • Child safety around the farm

    Find out how to keep your baby or child on the farm, what risks to their safety you should be aware of and how to prevent incidents involving falls, drowning and farm machinery

  • Cot death

    Find out how to put your baby down to sleep, where they should sleep and other ways to reduce the risk of cot death (sudden infant death syndrome)

  • Preventing falls in children

    Half all injuries in children under the age of 5 are due to falls. Find out what the common causes are and how you can reduce your child's risk of falling.

  • Keeping your child safe when playing outdoors

    Find out how to keep your child safe when they are playing in your garden, outside your home or at playgrounds, and what outdoor risks you should be aware of

  • Water safety for babies and children

    Find out how to keep your baby or child safe around water, what you should do on holiday, and why the biggest drowning risks to your child are in your own home