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Feedback on the care and service you received in the sexual assault treatment unit (SATU)

Your feedback will help us to improve the quality of care and service for everyone who has to attend a SATU.
We want to hear your honest opinion - both positive and negative.

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Which SATU did you attend?

Please select at least 1 answer

Section 1: About you

1.1 What is your Gender?

1.2 What is your age?

1.3 How did you hear about the SATU? Please select (can be more than 1)

Section 2 About us

2.1 Please rate the following

Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor Not applicable (N/A)
a) Your overall experience of the SATU
b) The facilities at the SATU
c) The standard of care you got
d) Suitability of times given for follow-up appointments
e) Ability to contact the SATU after your first attendance

2.2 Please rate your experience with the Sexual Assault Response Team.

Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor Not applicable (N/A)
a) The supporting nurse or midwife
b) The forensic examiner (doctor or nurse) who did the examination
c) The Rape Crisis Centre support person
d) The Garda who accompanied you to SATU

Section 3: Please tell us about the care you received in the SATU

Yes No Can’t Remember
a) Were you greeted and introduced to the SATU Team members?
b) Did staff explain each part of the examination and care?
c) Did you feel safe in the SATU?
d) Did you know you could take a break, or say no, to any part of the examination?
e) Did staff involve you in decisions about your care and treatment?
f) Did you trust the SATU team to take care of you?

Section 4: Information and Communication

Yes No Can’t Remember
a) Did the staff explain things in a way you could understand?
b) Were you provided with the appropriate written information to take home?
Yes No Did Not Apply
c) Were you given useful information for follow-up supports?
d) Were you provided with information about attending the SATU follow-up clinic?
e) Did you receive clear information and advice about any medication on injections you needed?
Yes No
I would recommend the SATU to others

Please tell us any feedback you have or any ways we can improve our service

Submission Complete

Thank you for taking the time to give your valuable feedback to improve the quality of the care and experience of people who attend a SATU.