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Dec quit smoking in time to save his health

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Dec believes he would not be around now had he kept smoking. He tells his story here...

I decided to quit because of the birth of my youngest daughter. I had quit when some months later my health began to deteriorate to such a degree that my left lung collapsed. Upon admission to hospital and upon extensive testing I was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer and then referred to (now) Professor Des Carney in the Mater Public Hospital. The cure rate for this disease is incredibly low, so I am very very lucky to be here - had I continued to smoke I believe I would not be sharing this with you now.

I have to say, I consider myself no hero and, since that, I've dealt with another unrelated cancer and chronic heart failure, and so on three counts I can count myself lucky.

I would echo the sentiments of Gerry (RIP) from the tv ads...don't smoke, don't start, and if you do, stop. The thing that really helped was fear of dying. I didn't experience any cravings. Chemo and radiation and the rigours thereof saw to that. I still have never experienced them. The best thing about being a non-smoker is being alive.

My advice for other smokers is to just give quitting a go, and then evaluate how your life has improved, not least because of the money you will have saved.

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