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Your own mental health

Taking care of a baby is physically and emotionally tiring, especially soothing a distressed baby. It's important that you ask for help when you need it and get to take a break. Both you and your baby need a chance to rest.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Many parents feel stressanxietylow mood and depression. Feeling intensely distressed at times doesn't make you a bad parent.

Parents with mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety may at times find it difficult to feel connected to their child.

You might sometimes be afraid to touch or pick up your baby or young child. Remember that you won’t harm your child by picking them up in a gentle way, even if you're not feeling good yourself. Babies and children need physical contact - the world can be frightening for them without it. Try to have some physical contact with your child even when you're going through a tough or difficult time.

When to get immediate help

Get help from someone you trust and see your doctor immediately if you have strong feelings about harming your child.

Visit for information and advice.

Page last reviewed: 20/11/2018
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