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Help your baby feel safe and secure

Your baby's mental health includes how they:

  • experience and express their feelings
  • form close relationships with their parents, family members and other people who take care of them
  • explore their surroundings and learn
  • You have an important role in helping your child develop good mental and emotional health.

The first 3 years of your child's life is the most sensitive time for their developing brain. The experiences your child has during these years build their brain connections and allow them to develop life-long skills. You will be helping your child's brain development if you make them feel safe and secure.

When your baby feels secure, they'll be able to explore their world and make positive connections with other people.

You can help make your baby feel safe and secure by:

  • having a daily routine so your baby knows what to expect - babies thrive on predictability
  • tuning into their signals such as their facial expressions, actions or sounds - responding to them makes your baby feel connected to you
  • interacting back and forth, for example by passing a toy to your baby and saying "you love this toy" and letting them respond with a sound or action - this teaches your baby that they are important and builds a healthy brain
  • responding to your baby in ways that make them feel connected to you

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