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Child Health

  • How to improve your chances of getting pregnant

    Advice on when you are more likely to get pregnant, what to eat, your lifestyle choices and other advice to help you to get pregnant.

  • Pregnancy tests

    Find out why you should wait until the day after your missed period before taking a pregnancy test and how to make sure you get accurate results

  • Sex during pregnancy

    Advice for having sex throughout your pregnancy including how pregnancy affects your body and staying safe while having sex.

  • Pregnancy as a lone parent

    Every year in Ireland thousands of women experience pregnancy alone. If you are a single parent, ask for help and support when you need it. Learn about ways that you can get support when pregnant.

  • Caffeine during pregnancy

    High levels of caffeine in your diet can cause low birth weight for your unborn baby. It can also increase the chance of miscarriage. Learn about foods and drinks that contain caffeine.

  • Preparing older children for a new sibling

    Preparing older children for a new brother or sister can take time. The arrival of a newborn baby means a time of big change. Learn about ways that you can prepare your older children and help them to adapt to your newborn.

  • Postnatal check-up

    You should have your postnatal check-up 6 weeks after the birth. This is an important appointment where you can discuss any issues, such as postnatal depression.

  • Types of formula milk

    Your breast milk is the best food for your baby, though you may decide to feed them formula milk. There are a few types of formula milk you can feed them.

  • Vitamin D for babies 0 to 12 months

    Babies need Vitamin D to maintain strong bones and teeth. They cannot get it safely from sunlight and should get a daily supplement of 5 micrograms.

  • Iron in your child's diet

    Your child needs iron in their diet to keep their blood healthy. Iron in your child or baby's diet helps support healthy growth. Learn about best iron sources.