Parent, baby and toddler groups

Parent, baby and toddler groups are informal meetings in local communities where parents can chat and socialise and bring their small children with them. Carers, grandparents, guardians and childminders are also welcome.

At these groups you can:

  • meet other parents in your area with children the same age as yours
  • get parenting tips and support from the other parents
  • make friends and build a local support network for yourself
  • play with your child and get the chance to give them your undivided attention, away from the distractions at home

It is important for your child to mix with other children of a similar age. This helps them to develop social skills. Parent, baby and toddler groups are a good place to do this.

You can get details of local parent and toddler groups from your public health nurse, your local City or County Childcare Committee or searching online for groups in your area.

What to be aware of

Groups run by support programmes (like the Community Mothers Programme) may have trained childcare staff. However, if childcare staff are present, it is your responsibility to care for your child at all times.

Before you join a group you should make sure that the meeting place has accident insurance.

Setting up a parent, baby and toddler group

Read information from Early Childhood Ireland on setting up a parent, baby and toddler group.

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