Bathing with your baby

You could also have a bath with your baby (co-bathe). Babies love to lie on a parent's chest in the bath.

Bathing with your baby can also help you both relax and encourage breastfeeding.

You will need another adult at home to lift your baby in and out of the bath.

  1. Place yourself in the bath. The water should be deep enough to come halfway up your bent legs
  2. Ask the other adult to pass you your baby. Lay them on your legs facing you
  3. You can start straightening your legs to lower your baby's body into the water, depending on how much you and they want 
  4. Gently splash water over them to wash them and their hair if you want to
  5. When you want to get out, make sure there is someone to pass your baby to

Whatever way you decide to bathe your baby, as time goes on you will become more confident in handling them. Bath-time should become a happy and fun time together.

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