How to safely store household poisons away from your child

Ways to prevent your child accessing cleaning products:

  • store household cleaning products in secure overhead cupboards, away from children
  • use cupboard safety locks
  • keep products in their original containers with the labels on
  • always replace lids on products after you've used them
  • never use soft drink bottles as storage for cleaning products or chemicals
  • buy products with child-resistant caps where possible
  • do not leave household products open or unattended while in use
  • do not mix cleaning products or use 2 different products at the same time as some mixtures can produce a toxic gas

Childproof safety locks

You should also use childproof safety locks on cupboards.

Child-resistant caps

Buy products with child-resistant caps where possible. Always store products securely out of reach and sight of children.

Remember that 'child-resistant' does not mean 'child-proof'.

Child-resistant lids will only slow children down when they try to open a container. It is best to keep them out of reach of children.


Be careful about what you leave in your car or in your handbag where children can see and reach them.

This includes:

  • medicine
  • cigarettes
  • cosmetics
  • hand gel
  • car products
  • other chemicals

Keep all handbags, including visitors' bags, out of your child's sight and reach.

Page last reviewed: 17 June 2019
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