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General X-ray
Ennis Hospital

Gort Road, Lifford, Ennis, Clare, V95 HN29

Phone: 065 6863115

Email: -

Internal Directions:
Main Building Ground Floor

Opening hours:
Appointment only

About Radiology

Radiology uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases. The Radiology Department provides a range of services including: Ultrasound, CT scans and x-ray.

About General X-ray

X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body using radiation. It is a quick and painless procedure that can be used to help detect a range of conditions. The amount of radiation you get from an x-ray is small. Before the x-ray, you may be asked to wear loose, comfortable clothing or change into a hospital gown. You may also be asked to remove any jewellery or metallic items. During the x-ray, the radiographer may ask you to lie, sit, or stand in several positions so that a clear image of the part of your body being examined can be taken. After positioning the x-ray machine, they will then take a picture from behind a screen or a room next door.

Referrals and Appointments

Available to: All Patients

Who needs to refer you: Consultant Medical Assessment Unit Injury Unit GP Inpatient

Special instructions for patients during COVID19

We may ask you to:

  • attend a virtual clinic
  • wear a face mask/other PPE
  • complete a COVID-19 questionnaire by phone before coming to hospital and to repeat same on arrival
  • to wait in their car until closer to your appointment time


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