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National Lottery Grants

We are distributing National Lottery funding to community groups and voluntary organisations. We are providing this funding under the Respite Care Grant Scheme and the National Lottery Grant Scheme.

Groups and organisations who provide Health and Personal Social Services can apply for funding.

Amounts of between €500 and €10,000 are available for suitable projects.

How to apply

You should send your application form, declaration form and your organisation's banking details to your local Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO).

National lottery application form (DOCX,  122.1 KB, 20 pages)

You must submit your application to the correct CHO office. We may not be able to process your application if you send it to any other office.

Contact details for your local Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO)

Closing date for applications is 6pm Friday 1st of April 2022

There are some conditions for applications

We accept applications from organisations within the CHO area. Organisations who are outside the area but provide services in the CHO area may also submit applications.

Suitable projects for funding

  • Applications must be for one-off projects that can be completed within the year of application (excluding respite)
  • We cannot consider applications that have major on-going revenue implications. These include the employment of staff, capital funding and running costs.
  • We cannot consider applications for projects which are already covered by HSE funding.
  • Projects that already have service level agreements or grant aid agreements with the HSE cannot be considered.

Funding limits

There will be an upper limit of funding awarded to an individual organisation. We'll decide on this limit based on the number of valid applications we receive.

When we receive more than one application from an individual organisation, we will apply the upper limit of funding.

We recommend that you consider this upper limit if you are submitting more than one application.

You may have to prioritise your projects.

Based on previous years we imagine that individual grant allocations this year will be between €500 to €10,000.

An upper limit of €10,000 for applications relating to transport initiatives will apply.

Previous National Lottery payments

National Lottery Payments 2020 (PDF, 481 KB, 7 pages)

National Lottery Payments 2019 (PDF, 542 KB, 6 pages)

National Lottery Payments 2018 (PDF, 182 KB, 7 pages)

National Lottery Payments 2017 (PDF, 75.2KB, pages)

National Lottery Payments 2016 (PDF, 75.2KB, 7 pages)

National Lottery Payments 2015 (PDF, 75.2KB, 7 pages)

Financial and governance requirements

By making an application for Lottery funding you are committing to the terms and conditions of the HSE’s Grand Aid Agreement (DOCX, 83.5 KB, 9 pages). You must sign the declaration form and be compliant with the financial and governance requirements.

We will let you know of the outcome of your application on Friday 8 July 2022

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