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COVID-19 self-isolation facility

Last updated: 25 September 2020 at 4.50pm

The HSE self-isolation facility in City West is a safe place for people who cannot self-isolate at home.

It is not a hospital, but healthcare workers will check on you while you are there. You’ll also have access to a GP service.

Who the self-isolation facility is for

If you cannot self-isolate at home, you may need to be admitted to the self-isolation facility if you:

  • have tested positive for COVID-19 and have mild symptoms
  • have tested positive for COVID-19, are recovering in hospital and about to be discharged
  • are waiting on a test or test results and have mild symptoms
  • don't have symptoms, but have been told to self-isolate

You must be well enough to care for yourself and not need any other specialist care or help.

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How you get admitted to the self-isolation facility

You need a referral from one of the following:

  • hospital
  • GP
  • contact tracing team

What to expect during your stay

Once a referral is accepted by the admissions team, we will arrange your transfer to the self-isolation facility.

You will have a health assessment. We will let you know how long you will have to stay and your discharge plan.

You will need to stay in your room but you will have access to a TV, WiFi and a phone for internal calls.

Staff will bring meals to your room and you will be able to take outdoor breaks at certain times.

GPs will work with healthcare staff to manage any medical care you need during your stay.

If social distancing is possible at the facility, you may have access to a communal dining area.

You will have access to counselling if needed.

Visitors are not allowed.

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