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Supports during the COVID-19 pandemic

The supports for people affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic include:

  • financial and employment supports
  • mental health supports and services
  • support if you cannot self-isolate at home
  • helplines for Irish Travellers and Roma

Financial and employment supports

Enhanced Illness Benefit for COVID-19 payment

If you have to self-isolate or you are ill from COVID-19 you can apply for the Enhanced Illness Benefit for COVID-19 payment. It is for employees and the self-employed.

COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment was open to you if you lost your job between 12 March 2020 and 7 July 2021 because of the pandemic. You can no longer apply for the payment. But if you were getting the payment up to 7 July 2021 your payment can continue.

Read about other supports available for jobseekers and workers put on short-time working

Mental health supports and services

Infectious disease pandemics like COVID-19 can be worrying. This can affect your mental health. But there are many things you can do to mind your mental health during times like this.

Read about mental health supports and services during COVID-19

Support if you cannot self-isolate at home

The HSE runs a self-isolation facility in City West. It is a safe place for people who cannot self-isolate at home.

It is not a hospital, but healthcare workers will check on you while you are there. You’ll also have access to a GP service.

Read more about the self-isolation facility

Helplines for Irish Travellers and Roma

COVID-19 information helpline for Irish Travellers

Phone or text 083 100 6300

COVID-19 information helpline for Roma

Sunați la 087 126 4606 pentru informații generale despre COVID-19 (coronavirus), servicii medicale la care sa apelați dacă nu vă simțiți bine sau alte informații, toate în limbile Rromani și Română. De Luni până Duminică între orele 9 și 21.

Phone 087 126 4606 if you are from the Roma community in Ireland and need information about COVID-19 in English, Romanes or Romanian.

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