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Scheduled care data report

The scheduled care data report shows the weekly percentage change in the number of people on hospital waiting lists.

We publish the report once a week.

Get the latest report

08 January 2024 (PDF, xxxxxxxx)

How we use the report

We use the report to:

  • monitor changes in hospital waiting lists
  • show how a hospital group's waiting lists are performing week-on-week

How to read the report

The report shows the week-on-week percentage change in the number of people on waiting lists.

The '% change' column shows the weekly change.

A percentage increase means that the numbers on that waiting list have gone up on the previous week.

A decrease means the number of people waiting is falling.

The data is grouped by the:

  • type of planned care patients are waiting for
  • hospital group's waiting list patients are on - there are 7 hospital groups
Types of care explained

The report includes information for 4 types of planned care:

  • inpatient
  • outpatient (OPD)
  • day case
  • GI scope (endoscopy)


Inpatient care is when you stay in hospital overnight for care or treatment.


Outpatient care is usually when you have a hospital appointment for a consultation. You might also have an outpatient appointment for a diagnostic test, minor procedure or treatment. You are not admitted to hospital and you do not stay overnight.

OPD means outpatient department.

Day case

Day case care is when you are admitted to hospital for care or treatment but you do not stay overnight. You are discharged on the same day.


Endoscopy is a procedure to diagnose and treat problems in the digestive system that leads from your mouth to your stomach to your bottom.