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About CervicalCheck - Ireland's national cervical screening programme

CervicalCheck is the national cervical screening programme.

We aim to reduce the number of people in Ireland who develop cervical cancer.

Our screening programme is population-based. Population-based screening is where we offer a screening test to people in a target group.

In cervical screening, the target group is people with a cervix who have been sexually active and are aged 25 to 65 years old. These are the people that will benefit the most from screening.

Contact CervicalCheck

Free cervical screening test

We offer free cervical screening tests to all people aged 25 to 65 who live in Ireland.

If you're on the CervicalCheck register, we will send you a letter to remind you when your next screening test is due.

You can book your test with a GP or clinic registered with CervicalCheck when it is due.

Labs we use

Your sample goes to 1 of 2 quality-assured lab providers we work with. It is tested to see if you have a HPV infection.

If HPV is found, two experts will examine your sample for abnormal cell changes. This will help to decide what type of follow-up care you may need.

One of the lab providers we use is in Dublin. This is the Coombe Women and Infant’s University Hospital.

The other lab provider we use is Quest Diagnostics Inc, whose headquarters is in Teterboro, New Jersey, USA.

We use a lab provider in the US because there are not enough quality-assured labs available in Ireland to meet our needs.

We are assured that all the labs we use are operating to the required standard.

Both lab providers

  • are certified by the relevant national authorities
  • meet our quality assurance standards
  • are subject to regular inspection and assessment

New national lab

A new National Cervical Screening Laboratory is being planned in partnership with the Coombe Woman and Infants’ University Hospital.

This lab will be used as a national base to:

  • test samples for HPV
  • train new lab technicians
  • educate sample takers
  • carry out research to improve CervicalCheck

This lab is currently being developed. We will continue to work with our current quality-assured lab providers until this lab is up and running.

Women's Charter

CervicalCheck is committed to providing you with a safe and reliable service.

Read our Women's Charter (PDF, 1 page, 80KB) - this tells you about how we deliver our service and our commitments to you.

Cairt na mBan - Women's Charter in Irish (PDF, 1 page, 80KB)

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