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Toxic chemicals to avoid when pregnant

Tell your employer immediately if you work with chemicals or other workplace hazards. For example, physical shocks, noise and other hazards.

Being around cleaning products and paint has a low risk of harm to your unborn baby. It's best to avoid exposure to these chemicals between weeks 0 and 13 of pregnancy. The risk to your unborn child at this stage is higher.

You should avoid lead paint and lead paint dust, especially while pregnant. It's very poisonous. Lead paint is no longer sold in Ireland. It may still be found in older homes.

When using home cleaning products you should:

  • keep windows open
  • avoid breathing in fumes
  • wear rubber gloves

You should never mix cleaning products together. This can create more fumes.

Page last reviewed: 10 May 2019
Next review due: 10 May 2022