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Parenting advice

HSE article for Parenting advice

Looking after your relationship as a parent

How you can share tasks and support your partner when you become parents, and how you can reduce stress and tiredness.

Parenting advice for difficult days

Every parent finds parenting difficult. It is important to look after yourself too. Some of these tips and parenting advice for managing babies, toddlers and children might be helpful for you.

Parenting advice and getting support

Being a parent is rewarding, but it can bring challenges. Every parent needs support and parenting advice at some point. Get trusted advice from the HSE.

  • Advice for parents who live apart

    Get tips and advice for raising a child if the parents don’t live together.

  • Preparing older children for a new sibling

    Preparing older children for a new brother or sister can take time. The arrival of a newborn baby means a time of big change. Learn about ways that you can prepare your older children and help them to adapt to your newborn.

  • Pregnancy as a lone parent

    Every year in Ireland thousands of women experience pregnancy alone. If you are a single parent, ask for help and support when you need it. Learn about ways that you can get support when pregnant.

  • Parenting together

    Relationships can become strained between parents, especially when you are tired. Parenting together is easier when both parents are on the same page. Read trusted information from the HSE on how to take care of your relationship.

  • Dealing with visitors after baby's birth

    You will want to show off your newborn to family and friends, but coping with visitors after your baby's birth can also be stressful and overwhelming. Learn how to make visits stress free by making time for yourself.