Fitness for your lifestyle

You can make time for fitness, no matter how busy your life is with school, college, work or family.

Use these tips to help you fit some physical activity into your day.

  • Move in your chair. At work, set a reminder to stand up and move every 30 minutes.
  • Take it easy when starting a new fitness routine. Begin with 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week and build up to the recommended 30 minutes 5 days a week.
  • Walk as much as you can throughout the day. It’s a great form of activity and it’s free.
  • Organise active holidays or days out. There are many beautiful parks and beaches in Ireland.
  • Active housework counts toward your activity goals. Gardening, hoovering, cleaning floors and washing windows are all good ways of keeping active.
  • Join a walking group or sports group. People who join a group for activity are more motivated to be active.
  • Be active indoors. Shopping centres are a good place to walk when the weather is bad.

Be active wherever you are

At home

  • Turn up the music and have a dance.
  • Put more effort into household chores. You can get a good workout sweeping or washing floors. You'll feel better and have a great looking home.
  • Gardening is a good way to be physically active.
  • Try balancing on one foot or stretching while you brush your teeth or watch TV.
  • Use the ad breaks on the TV to do short bursts of exercise, such as squats or jumping jacks.

At work

  • Take a walk with your lunch — keep a pair of runners in your car or under your desk at work.
  • Have walk and talk meetings.
  • Stretch in your chair every half hour.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Turn your commute into a workout — walk, jog or bike to work. Get off your bus or train a few stops earlier or park the car farther away to extend your walking time.

In the community

  • Go for a walk in a nearby park or beach.
  • Asking a friend along can help make the activity more enjoyable.
  • Check out exercise classes your local community centre, school or leisure facility.

At college or university

  • Joining a club or society is a good way to make new friends and get active.
  • Commute to college by bicycle, scooter or skateboard.
  • Try fitting in a walk or jog between lectures.

Ideas for physical activities

Download guides to find fitness activities that are right for your lifestyle:

Get support if you’re older

You can get advice, help, tips and access to support groups and events from any of the following:

Activity for older adults

Age Action Ireland

Age & Opportunity

Contact your local sports partnership on Sport Ireland to discover groups and programmes running in your area.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself after you’ve gotten into the habit of walking.

Set yourself goals. This might be how many steps you can take over 4 weeks or how far you can walk over 21 days.

Download cards to help you keep track of your progress:

4 Week Step Challenge record card (PDF, 1.45 MB, 2 pages)

21 Day Walking Challenge (PDF, 1.65 MB, 2 pages)

Join groups and get involved with events

Get motivated and enjoy getting active by taking part in events, joining groups or signing up for programmes.

Find out more:

Get Ireland Walking

Parkrun Ireland

Irish Trails

Community Games

Fit4Life running programme

Dublin Cycling Campaign

Couch to 5k beginners running programme

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