There are some risks and complications to be aware of:

Multiple pregnancy

Twins and other multiple pregnancies are more common after fertility treatments.

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy in the fallopian tube may be more common after fertility treatment.


Ectopic pregnancy

Ovarian hyperstimulation

Some of the medications used to stimulate ovulation can sometimes overstimulate your ovaries.

This can make you produce a number of cysts on your ovaries. You may feel unwell if this happens, with nausea, bloated tummy and vomiting.

You will be advised if this is a risk when you are having treatments. You might have several ultrasound scans. This is to keep an eye on how your ovaries are producing follicles.


Dealing with infertility is very stressful. Try and discuss your feelings with your partner to avoid your relationship becoming strained.

Tips on coping with stress from the HSE’s

Tips for dealing with fertility problems together

Talk to your partner. Infertility is stressful and can put a strain on your relationship. Communication is very important.

Talk to other couples you know who have experienced infertility.

Get as much information as you can from your GP and from other healthcare professionals you meet. Information will allow you to make the choices that are right for your family.

Have sex just for fun on occasion. Take a break from trying every now and then and have sex at ‘non-fertile’ times.

Eat healthily and take regular exercise. Consider beginning a new activity which will help you stay healthy. This might help distract you at times from the stress you may be feeling.

If you or your partner is feeling very stressed, or low, and this is impacting on your life, speak to your GP. Sometimes counselling can help with this.

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