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Explaining COVID-19 to your child

Involving your children in your plans to manage this situation is important. Try to consider how they might be feeling.

Give children and young people the time and space to talk about the outbreak. Share the facts with them in a way that suits their age and temperament, without causing alarm.

Talk to your children about COVID-19 (coronavirus). But try to limit their exposure to news and social media. This is especially important for older children who may be spending more time online. It may be causing anxiety. If they are online, tell them where they can get accurate and factual information.

Use this comic strip to explain what COVID-19 is (PDF, 1MB, 12 pages) to young children.

Children with autism and intellectual disabilities

Use this comic strip to explain COVID-19 to children with autism (PDF, 1MB, 12 pages).

Read advice on how to support someone with special needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children in care

Children in care may not be able to see family members as regularly as before. They may find this difficult.

These stories may help you to explain the current situation to them and that things will improve.

COVID-19 social story for younger children in care (PDF, 420 KB, 2 pages).

COVID-19 social story for older children in care (PDF, 571 KB, 3 pages).

Page last reviewed: 10 April 2020
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